Volunteer Story: Olga

Olga and her husband spent many days at the Northeast Cancer Centre, which she describes as “a place of hope.” After her husband passed, Olga felt that it was “her calling” to become a volunteer.

Olga’s fondest volunteer memories were her time spent in the Chemotherapy Suite. She feels grateful to have the opportunity to talk to the patients and get to know them outside of their illness.

“Many years ago, a young couple came in around the age of 30. The husband was diagnosed with cancer, and the couple was distraught – they felt angry,
worried, scared and devastated. I got to see them both throughout his treatments, and we had many talks. I ended up giving him a poem to take home called What Cancer Cannot Take Away. The poem recognizes cancer’s devastation, but reminds people what it cannot take away – love, mind, soul
and connections. Years later, his wife spoke in a public speaking event about her and her husband’s cancer experience. She mentioned me by name and
said that I made a massive impact on her husband’s journey, and for that, I am extremely grateful.”

Olga has a strong passion for volunteering at the cancer centre, where she has dedicated 18 years. She has impacted many lives and feels that it’s a privilege and an honour to spend time with people during vulnerable moments in their life. By volunteering, she provides her knowledge, company and good spirits to those who need it the most

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